Halloween and Beyond

DECO RING no.10-Pumpkin Orange Fabric with Black Embroidered Lace Netting Overlay Spooky Halloween Ring-Made To Order

So I've been thinking about how much I love holidays... Halloween is seriously one of my favorites. And now that it's looming 30 days away, I want to start accessorizing for the season. But I hate spending money on things I'll only wear once a year! So I'd like to share with you some bling that can be worn in the spooky spirit of the season, but also seamlessly work with a coordinating outfit at any other time of year. Awesome!

DECO RING no.47-Purple Silk Fabric with Black Lace Overlay Ring

So the lovely ring up top is the Deco Ring in Pumpkin ($22) by Blonde Chick. It would look awesome with anything black, but would also work if you're punching up any hue with another orange accessory like a belt or necklace. And it comes in purple too, which is also Halloween-y and works after the holiday quite well.

Kitty Cat Ring

The Kitty Cat Ring ($10) from iluxo looks awesome in black and is a playful take on the season. While the Steampunk Skeleton Key Necklace ($35) from Meltemsem is probably the easiest "throw it on and go" piece for any outfit any time of year, but will take on a creepy, mysterious vibe during Halloween.

Steampunk Skeleton Key Necklace Oxidized Tiny Victorian Style

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  1. Gorgeous halloween finds!
    Thank you for featuring my key necklace!


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