The Perfect Heart

Open heart - gold

I always hate heart jewelry. I find it very tacky... who knows why! But when I ran across this Open Heart ($20) by Edor, I was instantly smitten. The form just barely suggests a heart and the whole piece is delicate enough to wear with any outfit everyday or for a special event. I love all that versatility!

If you need a set, I love these shiny Gold Ball Earrings to accessorize your new necklace. Simple, chic, and beautiful!


(Disclosure: I get paid a very tiny amount for every click through to those pretty earrings. But they're still quite lovely and get my vote anyway!)


  1. I feel the same way about hearts! That's why I went the minimal route with the necklace. :) Thank you for the feat. *cindy (edor)

  2. Well it's just gorgeous, Cindy! You're so talented...


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