Wear This With That: Colorblock, Springtime, and Subtle Chic

To make up for my inconsistent posting lately (We're moving in two months and don't have a new place yet. And I'm getting ready for a local festival, my first ever chance to sell my pieces in person! I've been super-busy juggling these things with my day job.), I am bringing you two pieces of bling tonight! Both work beautifully with this great Floral Lace Dress ($495) from Thread Social.

Grace - A Sweet Porcelain Ring with Impression of Weeping Cherry

This first piece is perfect for the new springtime weather and all the beautiful outdoor weddings and daytime frolicking you're sure to have lined up over the next couple months! It's called Grace ($29) by Peiffer Studios and is a porcelain ring, impressed with the image of cherry branches. I think the green matches with the coral and chambray blue of the dress perfectly.

But once summer hits or you have a nicer, nighttime even to attend.... well break out Bangle 305 (221) by Bjorg. It's a subtle, organic, chic little bracelet in 18ct rose gold plate.


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  1. This is awesome. Love the article, and thank your for featuring my ring!



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