I watched last night's episode of Glee this morning and I'm a tad ashamed to say I teared up a bit at poor Rachel's plight. She seemed so earnestly heartbroken. This inspired me to post about the lovely jewelry she wears on the show.


This Rachel Initial Pendant ($150 - $230) by Ryan Ryan comes in a variety of metals (10k or 14k white, yellow, or rose gold) and chain lengths. You can pick our your initial as well.

Rachel's Valentine's gift from Finn is this pretty gold star (an important emblem for the character) and a teensy diamond on the side. It's also from Ryan Ryan: the Rachel's Star & Diamond Necklace ($120 - $250).

Rachel's Star & Diamond Necklace

And, though I think this one is a bit ridiculous, there is the Rachel's "Any Name" Necklace ($150 - $230), which reads "Finn" on the show.

They also have the Key to My Heart Chastity Charm Necklace from the the celibacy club on this season.

I think these are darling little simple pieces, but could easily be made for cheaper. I'd start with a trip to Etsy to see if anyone is already "knocking these off" (can you knock off an open star, a curly initial, and a pretty-fonted name necklace? hasn't that been done before?) for less.


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