War Hero

I don't plan on subjecting you to Valentine's Day themed bling until the 14th... but I think I'll try and fit everything into either V-Day love or general romance vibes. This particular necklace has a very romantic feel to it. It looks like there is a story behind it... A long-distance love for a war hero. A woman left with only this piece to remember him by. And years later he returns in a cliched, romantic movie-style reunion because she waited for him all these years, never believing he was dead.

Well, story or not, this Military Badge Necklace ($38) by Gray's Gallery is gorgeous, romantic, and statement-making. It's handmade from an authentic military patch and some gold-toned military-inspired charms; and it's one of a kind. I love exclusivity. However, I must admit it's huge, perhaps even too huge. The necklace is 39" long (with a bold, thick chain) and the patch is 4" wide! But it would be a great addition to pump up a plain top or dress for someone with the guts to rock it.

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  1. It is not a small necklace but I would not describe it as huge. It does measure 39" end-to-end, but when you wear the necklace is hangs only roughly 13" from the shoulder, depending on whose neck it is hanging from. Wow this is a great blog for all jewelry enthusiasts!


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