The First Signs of Spring

Pussy Willow Earrings

These Pussy Willow Earrings ($125) by Stephanie Simek are amazing!! As the weather warms up, even though it's only February, I am finally starting to believe spring is on its way! As I write this post, the rain is pouring down outside, which is definitely a spring trait. These earrings dangle in a way that reminds me of raindrops...

But let me make clear the excellence of these dangles. Each individual pussy willow charm has been handmade from a real pussy willow bud using oxidized sterling silver to attach it to several long chains which hang from beautifully simple ear wires. I love the way these earrings swirl and twirl when worn.

PS - do check out the entire shop as so many of the pieces are really creative and fantastically beautiful.

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