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Continuing in my avoidance of blatant Valentine's Day bling until February 1st, I would like to show you this great handknit Arrowhead Knitted Rope Bracelet ($9) by Nerdy Together. Um, love. Oh whoops! Not supposed to use the L-Word just yet. This piece speaks to me because I made a knit bracelet a couple years ago. It was the first piece I put in my Etsy shop, actually. And honestly, I didn't think it up beforehand. I was just practicing my purl stitch and came up with this beautiful blue bracelet I clasped together with an old button. Finding a kindred spirit making a similar (but much more thought out - look at that fabulous knotting!) piece is inspiring.

And it's a complete steal! Heads up to the artist - you might want to raise your price, this is worth a lot more... And heads up to my dear readers, you best grab yours before they do up their prices!


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  1. Thanks for including me in your blog! I'll be following you now and I'm happy to have found another place to look for inspiration! :)


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