Papercut Craft Obsession

So maybe I just have an obsessive personality as-of-late. But honestly, the beautiful papercuts I'm seeing in the art world lately can be difficult to ignore. Part of me doesn't like the fame of such books as This is For You, but another part of me just adores the intricate details... so I'm settling my torn soul by obsessing over the fashion world's take on the trend.

And now I'm realizing this isn't an obsession with papercuts.... this is an obsession with all papercraft. Hello, post on origami yesterday.

And point... I have one! Take a look at this beautiful Lasercut Lace Necklace ($160) by Anuk Harvey. Um, gorgey! So the shop is really new, but you do have three lovely lasercut necklace options. This is my favorite because it's simple enough to not compete with the shock value of the basic concept of the piece.

PS - Wouldn't this be just beautiful in an entry-way?

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