So lately, I've been playing video games with the Boy. Well, he has the controller... but anyway. We've been playing Persona 3 and 4 (aka Shin Megami Tensei), a Japanese video game series that depends on "social links" to advance gameplay appropriately. Yeah yeah, I know... I'm not a gamer either. But honestly, they're really fun! You get to know the characters, who are real and honest and flawed... and highschoolers. And you choose how your character (the main character around which the game is centered) responds to everyone. If you make a wrong decision about what to say to a friend, the game can literally end right there.

So my point is, I'm getting a little obsessed with Japanese culture. I really hated it for a long time, because all I knew was the Tokyo fashion scene (which is ridiculous) and the weird, pointless inventions of Japan. But I'm now finding the awesome side of the Japanese. And I'm proving it by showing you this stellar Origami Kuru Shou Necklace ($41) by Homako. Um, can you say "love"? I have a special place in my heart for this fabric bling that's been carefully folded and sewn into beautiful origami... Enjoy the under-$5-shipping no matter where you are in the world and check out the other colors and styles in this gorgeous necklace store!


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