I Hear the V Calling Me

Valentine's Day, I mean.

The fashion blogosphere is alive with the season of love! I keep running across amazing romantic pieces. But I don't want to shove it all down your throats, my dear readers, for an entire month! That would be rather troublesome. So instead I am going to get my excitement out gently and subtly. I'm starting with arrows.... like cupid's arrows. But where you hardly notice the V-Day connection. Promise!

Just look at the Blue Arrow Cocktail Ring ($14) by With Care, above. That's not Valentine's-ish at all! But I still feel like I'm getting some of my anticipation out... a delightful rush. This large ring is made from silk and copper and set in silver on an adjustable base. I love the bling and I love the price! It's a win-win.


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