Bling of the Day - Serenity

Do you ever think you need a day off? Ever want to cleanse your life to only pieces that ease your soul?Ever wanted to purge your closet of all those bright colors and bold patterns in order to follow the neutral trend? Here's the first step.

I don't often feature pieces I've found on other blogs or email lists, but I couldn't resist when it came to The Serenity Ring ($50) by Happy Golicky, which melts away my stress just by looking at it. It makes me want to change this background to white and wear only creams and greys for the next month... oh! and take a long, hot bubble bath. And this is the start of purging my life of the noise. Every day next week I plan to spend 10 minutes picking up and organizing my apartment. Then I'll see where I am and make another goal for the next week.

What are you doing to purge the clutter or stress from your life?

PS - I forgot to mention, this piece is made from reclaimed (read: eco-friendly) fine silver (read: high quality) and comes in whatever size you want (half sizes included).

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