Alternative Materials

So Friday I posted about a pendant made of paper, yesterday it was a wool necklace, today it's a ring made from volcanic rock. I wasn't planning a series, but... If I happen to choose similar pieces by chance, I call it fate and believe that must be a theme I should grab hold of and play around with.

Perhaps my subconscious wants me to see uses of alternative materials to spark imagination, perhaps it wants me to try a new material myself, maybe I am destined to bring a particular piece of bling to a reader! The possibilities are endless and exciting.

This particularly odd material is black volcanic lava rocks from the heart of Santorini, Greece. The Santorini Lava Rock Rotating Ring ($52) by Sun San features a sphere of volcanic rock set on a sterling silver axis, allowing it to spin. The ring base is round (which typically makes it super-comfy!) and will be made to your measurements when you order. Just tell the artist your ring size at checkout - it's as easy as that.


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