Etsy-Love Week: Spotlight on dinosaurtoes

This Bullet and Aquamarine Necklace ($38) by dinosaurtoes is awesome. Basically (very basically) a stone has been set into a bullet and then hung from a chain. But it's masterfully done. The color combinations are impeccable. The raw texture of the stone contrasts perfectly with the sleek surface of the bullet. And the chain is vintage. The elegant pendant necklace measures about 25 inches in total, which is perfect for drawing attention to the uh-huh-huh region.

The Braided Leather Bracelet ($12, above) is simplicity at it's best. The color is what gets us. That light grey has a gorgeous blue undertone that could inspire an entire room re-design. The clasp uses links from a vintage necklace to connect it to the leather and thus, you may request some links removed to shorten the almost 8 inch bracelet.

We can't get enough of this modern and playful take on the bowtie. Made for a woman (or maybe a man!), this Leather Bow Tie Necklace ($21) is about to become part of our jewelry wardrobe (well as soon as we get a job). The chain is vintage here too. We're pretty sure they are all, shopwide. The two-inch wide bow is the perfect addition to our wishlist - for now.
Dinosaurtoes made our Etsy-love selections because of their stunning design vibe. But we also think there are several notables that make them extra-great. They are "custom order, convo, and trade friendly" so they love their customers! Drop them a line if you want them to make you something special at their fantastic prices, if you just want to talk, or if you think you have something they want that you could barter with. A wide range of acceptable bargaining tools is listed in their profile. They are named after the feet of their pet parrot, Flojo, which apparently look like dinosaur toes. They love blueberry muffins and hanging out in the shower with Flojo. From what we could surmise, they use mainly vintage chain in their designs. And they make gorgeous bling.
PS - This post is part of Etsy-Love Week, a welcome back from our brief hiatus (finals, graduation, moving, job hunting - still looking!!) that celebrates our love (read: obsession) for Etsy. We coined the term "Etsy-love" to mean anytime we adore something that can be found on Etsy. This gives us a great opportunity to feature Etsians we admire in the jewelry field. Each day this week, Sunday through Saturday, we will spotlight an Etsy designer making the best bling. Keep visiting each day this week so you don't miss a dose of Bling!


Etsy-Love Week: Spotlight on HAUS Leather

While HAUS Leather has a slew of belts and bags... and suspenders, this small leather studio operated by Aaron Arlinghaus in Ithica, NY makes some smashing leather jewelry. Above is the Leather Knot Cuff that is on sale for $25 and available in black, a deep purply red, and this beautiful brown shown above. The shipping is a tad hefty, but for a bracelet this lovely and this high-quality it's an outstanding price. HAUS Leather's cuffs are amazing enough to feature four. The second one we love is the Split Double Stud Leather Cuff, shown below. It's a whopping $60 plus shipping, but the construction is beautiful. You can get it in the same three color options and it's made from California Oaktan Leather just like the other cuff.

The Bull Fight Gladiator Lace Cuff (above) is a more masculine version that laces up in the back and features a stunning handcarved image of a bullfight. There are size options for men and women both for the same price - $95. The Turquoise Leather Cuff with Brass Hardware ($65, below) is a feminine departure with the creative use of turquoise coin beads sewn onto the leather. It also features a feminine clasp rather than the buckle of the first two cuffs or the rough lacing of the one above. We imagine this dangling from your wrist at an outdoor summer party or a small folk music event at a local bar.

Great things about HAUS Leather are that everything is handmade (even the clasps), they'll customize the fit at no extra cost, and they seem to love collaborating on custom pieces for their clients and on pieces to sell (like the turquoise cuff above, a collaboration with SeeGreen (also on Etsy and also delightful). So if you love their design and want to make something with them, contact them through the right bar on any of their Etsy pages or on their official website, which is quite the testament to spiffyness.
PS - This is the first installment of Etsy-Love Week! We were gone for a while (finals, graduation, moving into our first apartment, looking for a job - still haven't found one! Pay us to do something please!) and this is a celebration of our return to Bling of the Day. We have a lot of love for Etsy, so we've coined a lovely term of joy and wonder "Etsy-love" to mean anytime we adore something that can be found on Etsy. This gives us a great opportunity to feature Etsians who are making our favorite pieces of bling. Each day this week will be a spotlight on an Etsy seller we have an urge to present to you. Because of this special week, we're starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday so you get the full seven-day experience! Keep coming back each day this week for another fabulous dose of Bling!


Visit Us on Sunday!!

No we're not back quite yet... but we wanted to let you know when we will be back - SUNDAY!!! We decided to kick things off again with a week of spotlights on Etsy shops we love. Each spotlight will feature at least three (and sometimes seven or eight!) beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry from an Etsian we adore. Get ready to see some stunning jewelry, as per usual. A teaser (and we'll admit, nowhere near the gorgeousness you're about to get for six nights starting on Sunday) for today are these "Delicia" delicate brass earrings by PeacockTresChic, on Etsy natch. The mix of brass and the pinkish champagne makes us want to whip these out for our bohemian day looks and our chic and understated night outfits. They're business-appropriate too. For just $14, you can get the one-of-a-kind pair here.
PS - We flipped to the front page of Etsy so you'd have a handy link over there and saw this amusing Avocado Necklace in the Handpicked Items section. Don't forget to come back and see us on Sunday. If you'd like to be reminded (hint hint!), you can subscribe to updates (only used for rare circumstances like major sales you need to know about and big Bling! events) by commenting with your subscribe request on any post*.
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We're taking a vacation here at Bling of the Day! We should have told you earlier, we know. So to make it up to you, we're giving you a link to a wonderful collection of gorgeous jewelry by ManiaMania that is oh-so perfect for summer. The chic creams blend well with the gold and brass to create delightfully subtle pieces that look amazing against that summer tan you're already sporting. While we deal with graduation, finding a job, and moving into our new apartment for a few days, you can decide which of these amazing pieces you want to spring for. The Immortals Pendant (above) is $280, here. But it might be worth it since the materials are completely natural, including the crystal quartz stone.
PS - We advise you take care when going to the main link ("ManiaMania") because there is a racy video you might not want to see. Use the other two links to avoid the scandalous media.


Bling for the Hair - A Handmade Tiara

Drusilla tiara - Gothic headpiece, marcasite, garnet, cameo, pearls, rhinestones

This "Drusilla Tiara" by acpetrille on Etsy is a stunning mix of old and new. It features beautiful black and white cameos decorated with garnet, glass pearls, rhinestones, and marcasite stones that center the eye. Each piece is custom-made, which means you can request special changes in color or size. The tiara has been featured in several different online venues and clocks in at a whopping $640, here.
Runners Up for handmade tiaras found on Etsy: Oakleaf Silver and Mother of Pearl Tiara ($429) by Phantasteria, Leaves Comb ($235) by acpetrille, and Jolie La Plume tiara ($88) by ravenevejewelry.


Sly as a Fox on Our Fingers

This Fox Ring by Alkemie Jewelry (at Shopbop) is spectacular. The fox is outlined by raised lines of (what looks like, though it is not specified) brass, while the shapes are detailed with beautiful bumps and indentations. The head of the fox looks up at you, while it's tail curls around your finger. We love that it's environmentally friendly (made entirely of reclaimed metal) and that you get free worldwide delivery in 3 days or less. We hate that it's only available in size 7 and that it's $155. If we priced it, we'd pick $55. But if you like it enough to pay the price, or if you have a penchant for foxes, grab one up here.
PS - Our runners up from the Alkemie line on Shopbop are the Giraffe Ring and the Cupid's Arrow Bangle.


We Heart Thunderstorms


We at Bling of the Day love thunderstorms... well mainly the lightning. Curled up on the couch sipping cocoa (or your personal hot beverage choice) under a warm blanket, you can watch the sky light up in a purplish hue as the lightning strikes. It's calming and meditative. This "Weather the Storm" necklace by Peggy Li calls to mind similar feelings with the subtle flow of the shape of the cloud and the bursting strike of the lightning bolt. You can customize this one a bit, choosing the metal for the chain and cloud (the bolt is always sterling silver). Metal options include rose gold, gold, sterling silver, and oxidized silver. Length options are between 16 and 20" long. Don't see a clasp? You don't need to see the optometrist. This necklace stays closed by slipping the lightning bolt through the cloud and letting it dangle, in a unique twist on the lariat style. Best part of all?? Each cloud is hammered into shape by hand so you'll never see another one exactly the same. Plus it's just under $50, here.
PS - We are sorry for the absence over the past week. It was final exams (for the last time ever!) and then it was a relaxing, internet-less vacation on a boat. We know we should have warned you we would be gone for a few days, but we'll make it up to you! Promise.


Leaf Necklace at Rent the Runway!!

The image does not do it the same justice that the view of this beautiful necklace on the model does, but we don't like putting model's faces as the focus of our pictures on Bling of the Day since the focus should be the stunning jewelry. Lecturing aside, we hate statement necklaces. We finally found one we'd wear (actually read to the bottom to see a couple others we like too!). This Petal Station Necklace by Trudelle Laker is found at.... wait for it... Rent the Runway!! Yes, Rent the Runway, the amazing invite-only designer dress-renting website (link is an invitation for you!), has branched into accessories. We are predicting shoes will come next! Golly gee, someone will have to tear us away from our computers or unsubscribe us from the RTR newsletters - or cut up our credit cards. Right, we were talking about a necklace. Each petal appears to be made of iron (don't worry, they aren't!) and features a rich balled texture. The stones are Swarovski (we usually hate anything Swarovski or faceted, but this somehow works). The necklace lies just below the collarbone in a sweeping circle that highlights your d├ęcolletage, dahling. Rent for four days at just $65 total (or for eight days at $104 if you have a few grand events to attend), here.
PS - RTR Statement Necklace Runners Up:
Tuleste Market's Interlocking Ribbon Necklace
GB Couture by Emily & Ashley's The Edgy Flower Necklace
Cara Accessories' Chain Me Up Necklace


A 2x4 Board Silver Ring


The Wood collection by Digby and Iona is visually like no other. The collection is just getting started, with only two pieces thus far, but is sure to be another show-stopping edition from the label (just like Fight or Flight). This "2x4 Ring" bears a striking resemblance to the widely used board but, rather than wood, is made from engraved sterling silver or vermeil and you can choose to have a diamond set into the "knot" of the "wood". If you're looking to spend a few extra clams, you can request a price quote for 14k gold. It comes in almost any size you could ever want (4 through 11) and features a gorgeous slim opening that allows it to appear more board-like. In fact, the ends of the "board" have a different wood grain and you can see various imperfections across the band just like you would with real wood. (Play on words intended.) Get it for $140-190 depending on your material preferences, here.
Be sure to check out the other piece in the collection, the Stump Ring, as well. Though not as stunning and clever, we love that it can be customized and that it has it's very own movie.