Slithery Gilded Bracelet

This gorgeous gold woven snake chain bracelet is from Kara by Kara Ross. It's called the "Antique Snake Chain Braided Cuff". We love everything about it from the gorgeous shimmery texture to the contrasting boxy clasp. It's plated with 18K gold and priced at only $170. Yep, just the one zero. Fantastic, we know! If you buy it at Max&Chloe (purveyors of all sorts of beautiful - and not so beautiful - jewels), you can get free standard shipping. Click here to buy this gilded bracelet. Kara by Kara Ross also has a few other nice items at their section on Max&Chloe here. And hang out at Kara Ross's official website too. It's pretty nice and you can find belts (coming soon!) and handbags too. We're planning on blogging about the wooden jewelry in the fine jewelry section soon, so don't look too hard and ruin the surprise!


Let's Be Princesses

Charm Teal Pearl Dangle (29611PTL)

We imagine Grace Kelly (former princess of Monaco and an absolutely stunning beauty with incredible elegance and poise) sporting these graceful drop earrings found at Pandora. The are simple, but they are the perfect mix of proper -the pearls and various stones around them- and edgy -the chains and large jump rings. We absolutely love them! And with all their beautiful detailing and stonework, you'll never guess how much (or should we say, little?) they cost. Just $75 a pair! We'll confess, they have them in more colors so you could buy pairs to go with any of your gorgeous gowns and cocktail dresses. But, we really really really (really really) like the teal ones. They're like Pandora's own take on Tiffany's jewels: a darker teal and the edgy edition of the small chain. But seriously, get a pair of these and you'll look instantly put-together, graceful, and just the tiniest bit rocker-chic. Oh, by the way, they're sterling silver with freshwater pearls, cubic zirconium, and other mixed stones. Now quit reading this and click here to go buy a pair.
PS - we couldn't resist the "grace" jokes... just spare yourselves read right through them, please.


Natural Prehnite Pendant - We Stand Firm!

Product Image 14K Gold on Silver Prehnite Bead Necklace - 18"

Today's Bling of the Day is a nice surprise. We thought we would show you something at the opposite end of the price-spectrum. This pretty piece is only $24.99 at... wait for it... Target. Yes, we do notice that awful chain it's hanging on and the way-too-large jump ring that attaches that gorgeous pendant to its cheap chain. But we stand firm! A good-quality, inexpensive, simple gold replacement chain (please make it gold, it must go nicely with the bead cap and this silver is just awful) is easy to find. In fact, you can pick one up when you buy the pendant. Target sells a couple fairly nice ones (mostly snake chains). Great things about this pendant? The bead cap is a strong sterling silver so it won't break easily, it is covered in 14K gold,  and the stone is prehnite - believed to protect the wearer on all levels and to remove toxins from the body. This is definitely one to add to your collection. It would look perfect layered with chains of different lengths, thicknesses, and styles. And that green is so natural. Definitely go pick one up while it's still on sale, here.
Bonus: Other notable jewels from Target are these speckled earrings that remind us of Easter, this emerald pendant with a multi-metal setting, and these french-wire ball earrings that we think look like they were found at a market in Morocco. Enjoy finding your newest accessories on the cheap!


Special Sunday Edition!!

To start off the Bling of the Day blog, we thought it would be nice to go ahead and do a Sunday edition of the blog. This probably won't happen again, so get excited! Our very first bling to show you is the lovely South Sea Butterfly Ring by Assael International. Usually, butterflies on jewelry remind us of a 4th grader's candy-coated, pony-filled imagination, but we've never seen a butterfly-inspired accessory look so elegant. We want this... NOW! It's made with 18-karat yellow gold, pave diamonds, and a South Sea cultured pearl.  Assael's website doesn't do online shopping, but there's a ton of eye candy. We recommend a look through while at the office tomorrow. It'll satisfy a crave to shop and give you a little dose of happiness amidst your routine. We love the way Neiman Marcus chose to photograph the piece, while we think Assael themselves didn't quite do it justice (go to rings on the bottom left and select style no. R2961). We were hoping the first bling we gave you would be a little lighter on the wallet, but alas, we saw this and couldn't resist! Coming in at more than $7,000... yes, we don't expect to pick one up for ourselves anytime soon. But if your piggy bank is full or you just want something pretty to lust after, click here to take a look at this beautiful finger bling.