Sort Of Cheating....

Well, I know I said no more Christmas stuff. And I know the picture above clearly says "joy", which is a word Christmas has most certainly claimed. BUT (big "but")... I think joy is something we should be reminded of year-round. And with the absence of any other Christmas paraphernalia/flotsam/jetsam, I think this MUSE Bracelet ($20) by Metalicious is quite the perfect reminder.

There are quite a few wonderful little touches on this piece. The matte finish is a good place to start because it lets the word be the star. I also lurve that the word "joy" is hand-stamped on two sides of the rectangular tube. I like that it's on more than one because it makes it special, but I also like that it's only on two because sometimes the word is a secret that only you know. I love that there's a matching ring and a whole collection of similarly-inspired pieces. And I adore the $5 worldwide shipping price! Oh, and the whole fantastic shop!

PS - A Merry Christmas to you, even those of you who don't celebrate. Enjoy the spirit of the season no matter what you believe. And spend the free time, however brief, with those you care about most.

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