Diamonds on the Cheap

Well originally I ran across these itty bitty Cut Out Diamond Studs ($80) by In God We Trust on Refinery 29. There was something about them that I liked, but a lot about them that was uber-boring. Enter, Etsy. Yes, I have a love affair with the darling purveyor of handmade and vintage everything. But honestly, when I see something I like but it costs an arm and a leg or it's just not quite perfect, I always head to Etsy.

That is the gorgeousness I found with a swift (but well-thought-out) go at the search bar.

Ishy Jewellery makes delightful bling, like the Sterling Silver Diamond Bling Stud Earrings ($28) that looks like a lofty purchase, but only costs as much as a cute top. Every piece is handmade when they get the order so you could conceivably ask for a special little touch to make a piece your own. They feature mostly fine silver in a variety of nature-inspired themes. Some of my favorites are the trophy buck necklace, the fleur de lis earrings, and the damask mitten studs.


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