Christmas Eve Eve


As my countdown to Christmas continued, I would like to announce success on all fronts Christmas-related! Everything wrapped and ready to go. That's a 10-4, sir. Over and out. To send me home (6 hour drive....) on my merry way, I would love a little something to pin back my hair in the car... and make me super-stylish in the process. Oh! And give me a dose of holiday spirit without the tacky sweater.

Enter: the Silver Flower Bobby Pin ($15) and the Gold Blossom Hair Pins ($14) by Aya Wedding. Hand-sewn, the flowers are delicate and floaty. Both arrive gift-wrapped to make you feel special when you open them and shipping is just $5 worldwide, less if you buy two items.

PS - Remember to relax right about now. Think about the reason you celebrate this holiday (or the reason you don't!) and allow yourself to slow down and focus on the important things in life. Take stock of what truly matters to you and you will feel happier come Christmas morning.

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  1. thank you for featuring ayawedding flowers,
    Happy New Year everyone:),


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