Christmas Countdown!

Well, my charming readers. It seems Christmas is upon us. I have two small gifts left to purchase, but I know exactly where to get them and exactly what I'm getting. So tomorrow it's last minute present grabbing and a wrapping frenzy! I'll be leaving for home the next day and then it will be Christmas. Yes, that fast! There's not much point to me offering up gorgeous holiday bling anymore since you wouldn't be able to wear it for the holidays. However, I can still show you some lovely red and green pieces to fit in with the general "vibe".

The In Case Of Emergency - Break Glass necklace ($650) by Pink Crow Studio is delightfully unique. There's the vaguely Art Deco style, the accordian-folded bill, and the fantastic green detailing framing the dollar that is so reminiscent of the design on the currency. Spiffy! Shipping is free. Yes, FREE!! Weeee!!


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