Too Much... Everything!

It's 9pm and I'm only just walking in the door from a Thanksgiving meal that started at 2 o'clock! I feel completely stuffed and, even though I did the dishes, don't feel like I helped out quite enough. I spent the holiday with my boyfriend's family since my own have quite a busy weekend and I'll be headed down there next week anyway.

As usual, I ate way too much (dessert). So now I just want to relax and lay on the couch and let the food settle into my stomach. (Tomorrow will be a workout for sure!) And these Anis Handmade Earrings ($36) by LAccentNou really embrace the vibe I'm feeling right now.

Maybe tomorrow I work on losing the eighteen pounds I probably gained today and focusing on Christmas (I haven't even started making my gift list yet!). But for tonight, pretty blue earrings... and if you don't live in the US (and thus are Thanksgiving-free today) or you just aren't feeling the same tired/relaxing/lazy vibe that I am, you should still check out the LAccentNou shop for loads of other really unique pieces.


PS - and don't forget, they offer 15% for new customers through the 29th with code "NEWCLIENT" entered at checkout!!

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  1. Dear Laura! It is so nice of you to mention my work in your blog!
    I wish a great lazy evening (imagining you laying on the sofa :))!


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