I love this fabric necklace! It looks perfect with any solid color top and I can even see it working with a simple print (think horizontal stripes in a complementary tone). It makes a bold statement, but not in a snotty way. The main problem I have with most "statement necklaces" is that they make you seem like you're full of yourself. I mean, I am awesome! I know that. But I also know my shortcomings (stubborn, lazy, self conscious - to start off the long list) and I care about the wellbeing of those around me.

It's important that what I wear reflects that (minus the actual shortcomings, of course); and the same goes for what you wear. The Ceremony Necklace ($65) by Thief & Bandit fits the bill! It has quite the down-to-earth vibe, given the hand-printed fabric and gorgeous braiding. And I love the free shipping for the US and Canada!


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