Gothic-Punk for the Sophisticate?

This is what happens when Italian style meets up with rock n' roll glam. Giuseppe Zanotti is the mastermind behind this edgy, architectural bracelet (labeled IA0047 001). At a whopping $650, you'll need to save up for a statement-making, show-stopping, breath-taking piece like this... or any other bling from the current collection for that matter. This particular wrist-wrap is made from brass, black suede, and Swarovski crystals and claims to create a "gothic-punk" vibe that creates "an extremely sophisticated look".
*eyebrow raise*

PS - I'm loving Wishpot, a universal wishlist that works like a registry - perfect for the holidays! And do sound off; is a gothic-punk vibe is extremely sophisticated? Is there such a thing as gothic-punk? Would you ever wear that style? Help me understand Zanotti's side with your perspective...

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