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Well I was featured in a treasury. How exciting! What is a treasury, you may ask... Let me start at the beginning. I created a beautiful print from a copper plate I spent hours working on in the intaglio method using a variety of acid techniques (gibberish to most of you, I know). Anyway, it's all swirly and starlit and beautiful when the ink touches on the paper.

Then I heard about this contest NASA is having with Etsy. In commemoration (mourning!) of the Space Shuttle Program, NASA is partnering with Etsy to fly space-inspired art into space! I immediately thought of this print I made and hurried to snap some photos and list it quick as a cricket, despite my non-preparation in terms of selling. Anyway... I listed yesterday on the final day of contest entries and hear today that I was selected for a treasury (the theme is the contest). Treasury is Etsy's member-curated gallery. Each treasury is made by an Etsy member featuring pieces they've found on Etsy that they feel 'go together' in some manner and are worthy of our attention. I love treasuries because it makes it ten times easier to find gifts!

Point? Point?! You were hoping for a point?! Well, okay.... I'll be nice. The necklace above, Goodnight Moon ($165) by Just Us Punks was in the treasury (and thus the contest) as well and I fell in love immediately. Gorgeous! Oh and the rest of the shop? Outstanding....


PS - this is a closeup of my print.

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