Grab Your Coloring Book!


These colorful little rings are actually crayons!! I love the chic, classic shape. But I love their playfulness even more! If you wear one of these Crayon Rings ($12) by Timothy Liles for FredFlare, you'll always be ready to write down that next great idea. Or at least give your phone number to that hot guy at the bar... And if you hurry, everything on the site (excluding sale items... *frown*) is 30% off with code "flare".

PS - While you're perusing FredFlare, be sure to check out these quirky bows for your holiday gifts. With phrases like "I still have the receipt..." you'll be very clear about the intentions and thought behind your holiday gift-giving. I'm hoping they'll make ones that say "I gave this to everyone on my list." to let me off the hook this year!

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