Blingin' Enamel-esque Pieces

So I know I gave you all necklaces and clouds yesterday... but I'm giving you more. Suck it up. And love it. Because these pieces are truly worth some attention and I can't possibly wait another moment to give them to you! Yes, that's my selfish whim getting in the way of your most joyousness (to see different types of bling each day, of course!).... sue me.

Back to the point! I had a point..... oh! there it is!

Above, the Mother Nature's Gold Necklace ($35) by Block Party Press is the most interesting honeycomb bling I've seen in a while. Very well-executed and delightfully wearable! Of course, everything is handmade with clay and paint and a variety of distressing techniques. Yes, this looks just like enamel (at least in the gorgeous photos!) but it's actually clay and paint and love and skill. Below, The Lost Mitten ($45) and Smitten Necklace ($30) are perfect for the wintry weather heading our ways and are sure to put you in the holiday mood if you haven't made it there yet.


That looks just like enamel! Goodness!


And there are the clouds... You can't fault me for loving little storm clouds, like Into Every Life Some Rain Must Fall Necklace ($55)! They're just so grey and adorable. And I adore the clever Cloud 9 Necklace ($45). It's sure to brighten your mood a little every time you look at it, after all you're wearing cloud 9!

PS - While I happened to love the necklaces the most, Block Party Press has earrings, rings, hair accoutrements, buckles, pins and brooches, cuff links, tie tacks, and magnets! Oh my!


  1. Oh so lovely! Thank lost mittens are adorable!

  2. Thanks so much for the feature!! Happy Holidays!


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