The Vines of Memory

When I was a child, I would stare at the vines winding over the wall while my brother and I ate vanilla bean ice cream from tacky, cone-shaped bowls at the counter. We would swivel our stools and ask for more - and always get more. And those green leaves would paint the backdrop above us. That was my grandmother's house after we got home from school. The wallpaper looked exactly like these precious little earrings, except bigger and less tasteful.

I want these Heart Shaped Leaf Patina Earrings ($22), by JooJoo Land, if only to remind me how much I love my grandmother even as she grows older and acts less and less as I remember. She is still that woman who gave us ice cream and poured chocolate sauce on top or brought us seconds. She is that woman who let us stay up late or "forget" to take a bath. She is that woman who encouraged us to go skinny dipping and ignore all the rules because they were made to be broken.

The beautiful shop that is JooJoo Land should be revered for its balance of class and playfulness. Do stop by for a look at the delicate, sweet bling, as well as the cute, round clay creatures. And don't miss the wedding cake toppers.

PS - What is your most treasured memory of your grandmother?

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