Updating Men's Pieces for a Woman!

This vintage piece is supposedly for men, but we think it's perfect for a woman when strung on a super-long chain. With the pendant falling right around the cleavage, it's like an arrow reminding everyone how great your body is (and trust us, that part of your body is always great to a man). We like arrows and we like looking good. The Italian Horn Pendant ($15) by Vintage by Emma comes strung on an entirely-inappropriate-for-our-purposes 18" rope chain. So buy the piece, take the pendant off the chain, and put it on a more delicate, longer chain. We suggest a 21" snake chain perhaps. Use your wonderful eye for style to decide what you like best, and try to show off those basoombas!
PS - we get a kick out of this cartoon about Google, mostly because we adore the goog so much!

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