A Sip of Brandy

A sip of the sour liquid warms my body from its core, bringing me home and comforting me.

While I don't drink brandy (or much of anything really), I love the look of this Brandy Cocktail Necklace ($32) by Dust Design Co. A vintage metal liquor tag has been neatly attached to a longer chain to form a simple, romantic-style necklace. I appreciate the refrain from blinging up this bling too much. It looks perfect just as it is, with the focus on the lovely vintage label. Make sure not to miss the Saucy Sue Cocktail, a signature cocktail by Dust Design Co. written out for you in the product description. Other liquors are available, so check out the shop for scotch, gin, vodka, etc.

PS - check out this awesome artist who creates furniture from old explosives... it's actually pretty!

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