SALE ALERT: Prismera!!

IMG_1353_th.JPG      decolace2_th.JPG    Oui Necklace

I prefer to adorn myself with things that make me shiver when I touch them. Beautiful things that speak to me in a new language and take my daydreams off to new worlds...

Remember that lovely bunting necklace on the right from a few weeks ago? Well we posted on the amazingness that is Prismera and now Jasmere (the delightful sample sale site that features one web-based store a day at steep discounts that keep going down as more people buy!) is giving us more than 50% savings at Prismera!! For $16 (that's the price right now, but it will go down if more people buy, and you'll pay only the final lowest price!) you get a $40 gift certificate to Prismera. And with it all being online, there's no shipping charge to worry about at Jasmere. I just bought mine and paid, LITERALLY, $16 on the dot!! It was amazing.

What are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this?? You should be forking over the measly $16 to get something amazing from Prismera!! Go go go!
PS - Let me know which piece you buy!

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  1. Update!!
    I got my voucher code in my email this morning and I just placed an order for the lovely Sprig Necklace (in steel because it's eco-friendly and cheaper)! It was a difficult decision between that and a few other beauties, but in the end I can see myself wearing this one often. So excited!!
    Here's the link if you're interested:


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