Running Headfirst into Halloween

Walking a dark street in the moonlight, I hear an owl in the distance. The ruffle of leaves to my right disguises two bright eyes. I turn around and start running... headfirst into Halloween.

As Halloween draws near (only ten more posts until the night of fright), I would like to give you a selection of amazing bling you can wear year-round. I mean, really... I'm sure I'm not the only one who has thought it's impossible to be stylish during the Halloween hubbub. But I was wrong. We can be as stylish as we like while still embracing the festiveness of the holiday. And no, there won't be any bright orange pumpkins hanging next to candy corn on a black cord. Allons-y! Onto the bling!

The Bare Ribs Necklace ($18) by Waylaid is available at Urban Outfitters. It's only available in silver-tone (I imagine the metal is brass) on an 28 inch chain, but that makes it totally wearable! The necklace looks perfectly sinister on its own for Halloween purposes, but the shape is interesting and beautiful enough to be worn amongst other layered necklaces. Style it with several different metals and lots of lengths. Be careful not to put them on in order of length or the look will seem to streamlined and planned!

PS - More Halloween finds to come this week, mostly from the amazingness that is Etsy. Keep checking back, some of the bling I've scooped up is absolutely stunning (oh yeah, and still references Halloween)!

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