The Perfect Stud

It's hard to find that perfect stud, that man whose glance your way turns your soul to yearning and tugs your stomach to the ground. When all is said and done, there are millions of studs out there but only one or two that make a good fit for you. I think I found my stud, did you? Are you still looking or ever come close? Tell me in the comments.

There really are millions of choices when it comes to lovely little stud earrings. Most are awfully boring and frequently they look cheap. So I went hunting for a good pair of studs. I found these fantastic little blue beauties - Midnight Quartz Earrings ($345) by Stephen Dweck, available at Bergdorf Goodman. Bronze surrounds the midnight quartz stones and appears like a bird's nest with its gorgeous texture. They just might be your perfect stud!

PS - If you've found your stud or your studs, I'd love to hear about him/them! Tell me your love-at-first-sight (or not) story and maybe I'll share mine...

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