Paper Made Chic Again

Since when did paper go out of style? With computers taking over our lives (hey, I'm not complaining!), no one seems to use paper anymore - no paper planners, no letters, no hand-written essays, rarely do you even see presentations where someone has glued together the different pieces on their presentation board. Frucci Design is bringing paper back into our lives with their lovely collection of innovative paper-and-metal jewelry. The Red Shelly Bangle ($295) is our favorite, with its Vogue Magazine pages and gorgeous swirly shape. Cool tidbit? All the item descriptions are written in English *and* Italian. Che idea carina! Meraviglioso! Scusate, abbiamo studiato in Italia per un semestre... We get a little excited sometimes...

Back to the point! Point? Yes, point. We have one...
The Frucci shop is a tad small (we're hoping that will change soon!) but we like everything they currently offer, including a uniquely-shaped ring and some very long, dangly earrings. Be sure to check out their profile to better understand their cool, science-y perspective.

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