Off Hallowed Ground

A sharp claw grips to my thin nightgown as the cool air flows past me. I feel weightless and crave the earth beneath my feet. As my hair tousles, I watch my grandmother's bracelet, glinting in the moonlight, fall slowly to the ground.

As Halloween continues, I'd like to offer up a beautifully sinister bracelet created from a bird's claw. The Raven Talon Cuff ($200) by Moon Raven Designs is chic, equal parts modern and traditional aesthetically, and totally Fright Night worthy. Let this bling be the star with a barely-there black outfit and maybe a bird-like masquerade mask if you want to appear "in costume". It's perfect for that party coming up.... I know you've been scared to even start looking for an outfit!

PS - Remember our post on Blood Milk's morbidly chic bling? We think the Sparrow Claw Ring is a great option if you want something similar to this cuff, but perhaps more gothic.

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