Forgetful Fridays

We tend to be forgetful lately... especially on Fridays. With the excitement of the weekend we're quick to sit on the couch watching TV or perhaps to pick up a book for once and hunker down for a few hours of relaxing reading (ok, usually it's TV). We spend lots of time cuddling with that sweet man of ours... so Bling-ifying your lives occasionally gets forgotten. Allow us to make up for our IOU.

This Pheasant Feather Necklace ($18), by LouLouDo, is just about the most perfect thing... except that it's a little large. But if you like bigger necklaces, pieces with a little oomph and a punch, this is the one. You'll want to wear this all the time. The feathers are genuine, from a pheasant, and stitched to a lovely strip of pale leather. The chain is incredibly long (28 inches) so you have plenty of room to get the length cropped off if you want it shorter, or you can just keep it at this wonderful length. It reaches to the center of the stomach, which can look lovely to spice up a plain top and become the focal point of an outfit.


PS - the shop (Super Duper Things) is just incredible! So beautiful... Every piece is covetable. Every piece is perfect. And every piece is handmade and unique. AND they're having a "Silly Sale" with lots of pieces at just $5 a pop! Hurry hurry go go go!!

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