Candy Corn Ring

Her hand dove into the bowl and came out with eighteen pieces of her favorite treat, a wash of yellow and orange. She popped a cone past her lips and smiled as she chewed, revealing crumbles stuck to her teeth. A finger spun a lock of hair round and round as the handful dwindled to one perfect bite.

Candy Corn is not my favorite Halloween candy, I'll admit. In fact, I kind of hate it. But, and this is a big but, it's iconic. You see that shape with those colors (sometimes even the colored stripes alone are enough!) and you instantly think of the scariest night of the year. It makes you want to put on a costume and knock on people's doors begging for something sweet. Or perhaps to play a little prank on the pour souls with their lights off. In the end, candy corn is one of the few that reminds you only of Halloween. The Dendritic Opalite Yellow Bullet Ring ($65) by Specimental is a sterling silver and opalite ring that looks eerily like a piece of candy corn, no? Yum yum! Good enough to eat - or if you're me, just a gorgeous piece of bling...

PS - Don't miss out on the rest of the fantastic shop! It's virtually Halloween-free and simply gorgeous...

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