I promise I haven't forgotten about you lovely readers. Just busy getting things ready for my impending Big Life Change!

What's this change, you might ask.... Well, I'm so excited to tell you about it! I have recently gotten in cahoots with my family and am quitting my current day job for a more flexible position with the family business. I will be telecommuting, so I get to stay here and continue with everything (but business) as usual. The position entails a lot of bookkeeping, organizing, filing, and annoying number-type things that I hate... but I'll have plenty of time to focus on Bling of the Day, starting my business, and annoying stuff that never gets done like household chores.

Though I recently acquired a friend's old Roomba and that thing is bananas-awesome-ness!


PS - I got my Prismera necklace in the other day and it's absolutely perfect!
PPS - well I don't want to leave you hanging without some bling! That would be cruel. I'm lusting after these Diamond Ball Earrings which are putting me in the spirit of the season much too far in advance. No thank you. I will wait for Black Friday, please.

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