Working Handmade Pinwheel Pendant

This one's pretty phenomenal - a working pinwheel hand-folded from sterling silver and strung on a 21 inch chain. Kimberly Nogueira (aka Florence Girl) creates her whimsical bling in the Virgin Islands, including this Functional Miniature Silver Pinwheel Pendant Necklace ($85). We love bling we can play with, especially when it's made from fine silver (the pinwheel) and sterling silver (the handle) and not overbearing and tacky.
Cool part about buying from Florence Girl? She offers a try-it-on return policy, giving you a week after receipt of your bling to send it back to her! What else? She makes some other origami pieces, including the classic cranes which she mounts on rings, or hangs from earrings and necklaces. There are also these monkeys, but they're less impressive.
PS - standing can add years to your life?? Perhaps... but we still love lounging!

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