Scented Bling!

Such a simple idea but so lovely and unique, a Vinaigrette Perfume Locket Necklace ($125) by Erica Weiner Jewelry is a collaboration with DS And Durga Perfumes. The necklace is a reference to the Victorian Vinaigrettes of old - perforated lockets with a scented inside, often smelling salts or vinegar. The piece boasts two custom scented oils that reference hunting and royal samurai women.

Foxhunt is a scent based in country herbs, wildflowers, and patchouli and is said to spell "aristocratic". Empress Jingu is an aroma named for the brave female Japanese Imperial ruler, a samurai who made her sword handle from hinoki wood, allegedly fighting in cypress forests and fields of violets. The actual pendant is laser cut and finished with a gunmetal tone. It hangs on a 25 inch stainless steel change, but features brass findings. We looove that the whole necklace is silver-toned except for those beautiful findings. We think it's quite rad when the clasps and such stand out in a big way.
PS - we do run across some odd bling on occasion. Lots of it is so bad it's just not worth mentioning, but often we find pieces that are just weird enough to be quirky - the perfect fit for that one person who comes along and appreciates it! This oversized Jackalope Ring is one of those pieces.

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