Necklaces Galore!

When we ran across Valerie Tyler's shop on Etsy, we simply couldn't choose one piece to feature. As you weed through the expected pieces and the ones with flowers and butterflies, you notice that some jewels, especially the necklaces, are spectacular. The Tubular Mixed Metals Necklace ($40) above is so unique and has such great structural aspects that we almost screamed when we saw it. If we took some time, we imagine we could come up with some great conceptual talk about it. Below on the left is the Industria Arch Necklace ($41) that features labradorite under a sterling silver bridge. The colors are so relaxing and dovetail nicely with the current color trends in fashion so it's a very wearable necklace. On the right below is the Blades Necklace ($33). The pendant is brass and the chain is a dark, gunmetal hue.


Don't forget the shipping is under $5 anywhere in the world! Definitely check out the Valerie Tyler Outlet for some really sweet bling that all seems to be under $30.
PS - We like the Here And There Earrings ($18) for a reminder that it hardly matters where we're going... or perhaps that we really don't know where we are.


  1. Thank you! You picked a few of my favorites! While I do tend to be inspired a lot by nature, sometimes more futuristic, geometric instincts take over. Lovely blog!

  2. Valerie's creations are top knotch!

  3. I always enjoy the genuine creative spirit that flows through this designer. I always have more than one FAVorite too!


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