Hardware Ring

Reed Krakoff makes a delectable assortment of bling at reasonable prices for the quality of craftsmanship, materials, and service. These are investment pieces you'll want to wear year after year. This Toggle Ring ($295) is one of our favorite jewels from the shop. It is made with three tones: gunmetal, gold, and rhodium brass plate. We are pretty sure that means it's made from three metals: silver with some surface treatment to give it a blackened color, a low carat gold, and brass plated in rhodium. But it's all a tad iffy... The point is, it's gorgeous and tough at the same time and we think it will make a swift transition to fall so we want it now. Right now. Guess that rent payment will have to wait?
PS - Aside from the bling, Reed Krakoff also has an eye for handbags, shoes, and leather goods... and sunglasses if you're into that sort of thing.

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