Crystal Sculptural Ring

What's truly unique about the Mixed Crystal Keyhole Ring ($120) by elseetee2 is the interesting shape of its band. It's vaguely representative of a keyhole, as indicated by the name, but it makes such gentle curves from the shape that you no longer recognize it as a keyhole. It also raises the stones a little higher off the finger, giving them more prominence. The placement and multiple heights of the stones creates interest like we've never seen in a professionally-set ring.
Let's talk materials. The band and setting are sterling silver, while the stones are amethyst and quartz. They are held in place, rather than by the setting, by a pool of violet-tinged resin. In the process of creating this stunning, one of a kind ring, the artist used gold dust, hand forged the band shape, finished the band with an almost faceted feature, hand-polished the ring, and used a tumbler to polish it further.
The ring fits a sizes 9-10 but can be made slightly larger or slightly smaller, but if you still don't fit the size range the artist loves custom orders! This mother of three small children who teaches high school art majored in sculpture, which is why her pieces are so structural and appear interesting from every angle. Check out the whole shop here!

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