Bridging The Autumn Gap

Sadly, we are bidding a fond farewell to summertime delights. But in doing so, we are welcoming a pretty rad fall. It's our personal favorite season here at Bling of the Day. We think this necklace makes both a conceptual statement about the bridge to fall, but also makes complete fashion sense as we transition to chilly days, colorful leaves, and the daily use of our favorite cardigans. The Verdigris Honey Bee ($18) by La Cage Doree is an inexpensive, but high-quality solution to a "what do I wear" day during September. Well, you may be in the nuddy but at least you'll be bejeweled! Take it from us and slip this on as a reminder of spring and summer (the bee, of course!) while still appearing to fully embrace the onslaught of wind and the mournful storage of your flip flops (the color and heavy material).
PS - and with fall comes football season.... we're not really fans, don't even know how the game is played, but we do think this is neato.

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