Appreciating the Time We Have

Remember Revolt70 (or Marianne Handcrafted Watch Studio) from a while back? Well they got a great feature article on Etsy, so we thought it only appropriate to help amp their sales by re-featuring them alongside the article. This Handcrafted Steampunk Watch ($254) is the perfect reason to do that. With the solemn anniversary of the September 11th attacks of 2001, we are reminded that overall being right on time isn't important. It's more important to appreciate the journey of arriving and the moments you have while you're there. This watch makes the thoughts a reality with it's rough analog time-telling technique that's hidden behind a beautiful door. The beautiful aesthetic structuring of the piece gives us pause to focus on the journey and the moment.
PS - We also really like this brooch that's in their fully (fully fully fully) stocked shop.

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