Winged Statement Necklace

Wings of Iris- Organza Necklace

We'll admit, we're sort of finally falling for statement necklaces. Sort of...
Jewelera, an Etsy shop, makes gorgeous organza wings and fashions them into great jewelry like the Wings of Iris Organza Necklace  ($125) above. We're not much for the sequins, but we do think they pull the necklace together, so we're willing to compromise. The wings are handprinted and a few feature gold leafing to warm the design and bring it up a notch. The metallic portions of the necklace catch the light well.
It would look great paired with a bikini at the beach, to add some romance to a summer play outfit. And we see it as the perfect accessory for a photo shoot. It would be wearable at special occasions as well, but only when tastefully paired with a neutral or black dress and the correct neckline (either all the way up past the collarbones or plunging low on the cleavage... or perhaps strapless). Gift wrapping is available and shipping is $5 worldwide. Enjoy this great piece from Jewelera!
PS - We're planning a feature on Jewelera's cotton-inspired pieces for next week, we think.

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