When We're Sick...

This morning we awoke to a pounding headache, a stuffy nose, and extreme exhaustion. We dutifully went to work and pushed through lunch. But eventually it caught up with us and we could no longer focus enough to deign being at the office. Headed home early without pay, we took a nice long nap... and then all we wanted to do is cuddle up with some apple juice and a book. Point? This ring is inspired by Dostoevsky. We love bling inspired by literature and this ring is no exception.
A Toast To Dostoevsky ($143) by Klewism is just one of the many intricate pieces they offer that employs skillful wire-wrapping techniques and beautiful antique components. This piece includes part of a brooch from the artist's grandmother, copper wire in a variety of hues, and several freshwater pearls. This particular ring is a size 5 1/2, but many of the other rings shop-wide are different sizes, and the artist not only encourages custom requests but also admits that many of the rings can be resized. Check out Klewism's profile to find about the artist behind the store.

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