Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - Movie Inspiration

So we finally saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World tonight. It's been quite the busy week actually, as a side note. We had our one year anniversary with the Boy and quite the annoying project at the desk job. But despite, we'll get back on track next week. Promise. Anyway, we finally saw Scott Pilgrim. Delightful, hysterical, and rather clever. You sort of have to be a video game geek (or at least know some basics about video games and comics) to understand the subtleties. But we think everyone can appreciate the basic amusement and a lot of the clever jokes. There are some great non-comic, non-vidgame references too - like the fantastic music references to Crosby Stills and Young and Smashing Pumpkins, to name a couple. We also loved the fashion.
This Comic Pow Embroidered Headband ($23) by JanineBasil fits the spirit of the movie wardrobe quite well. Though they would never style one of the characters in such a blatant comic reference, we think it makes a great movie reference for our streetwear styles. Probably not the best work piece, though... Feel free to ask the London-based artist for a different color and peruse her shop for some other cool head-decor. Her top hats are pretty neat!
PS - on a completely (we mean complete-ly!) different note, these little baby booties are just so delicate and darling...

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