Recycled and Upcycled, Delicate Spoon Bracelet

The inside of this bracelet is so beautiful, you must go to the end of the post to see the pic of it!! This Vintage Spoon Upcycled Silverplated Bracelet ($28.99) by MonPetitChouBoutique would look gorgeous hung from our wrist and paired with almost any outfit in the world. We would probably pick a floral sundress and wear the outfit to afternoon tea, not that we've ever been big tea fans. In case you didn't figure it out, the bracelet is made from the handles of vintage, silverplated spoons. The process of creating this bracelet from just two old spoons is entirely handcrafted using professional jewelers' techniques - down to polishing it finished.

This particular bracelet is about seven inches and can be sized slightly smaller by removing a connector ring or by cutting the spoon handles shorter. If  you need it bigger, they're willing to play around if you ask. (How do you tell if it's the right size? Well they've kindly given us a hint in the item description. Measure your wrist using a flexible measuring tape. Add 1/2 an inch. That's how large you want the inside diameter of your bracelets to be to fit perfectly. Remember if you like to wear them more like bangles - loose and jangly - you should add another 1/2 inch or more to your measurement.)
Want more customization? You can mail them your own old spoons (read: complete sentimentality) and they'll make a bracelet just for you. Great shipping prices too! Check out MonPetitChouBoutique for lots of other beautiful pieces.

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