Garden Party Bracelet

It's dainty, lacy, and reminds us of tea parties and strolling through gardens... Wear it with something edgy or androgynous to off-set the pretty, girly vibe. The Double Strand Cuff Bracelet ($26 in mustard floral with lace) by Ponder And Stitch is just about the cutest piece of bling we've seen come out of Illinois. The fabric is lovely, the lace adds the touch that makes the bracelet special, and the big yellow button is that last detail to finish it off. It fits closely on the wrist at about 6 3/4 inches and is machine-sewn impeccably. Shipping is under $3 and if you buy something else from Ponder And Stitch, it's only 50 cents! There's only one in stock so hurry and get yours before someone else does.
PS - this bear-shouldered tee shirt is oddly alluring...

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