The Perfect Handmade Watch

This handcrafted watch by Revolt70 (on Etsy) is so incredibly stunning. We love the way the face is offset so we can better see the beautiful gears that work behind it. The Geotronics 2 ($192) by Revolt70 (or Marianne's Handcrafted Watch Studio) is all we need to make a plain outfit gorgeous. And we love that it can be fully customized with an engraved message, your favorite color band, and even your wrist size. It's made with the finest materials: carf leather, detailed brass casing, and Seiko quartz for the moving parts (we looked it up, it really is one of the most accurate time-keeping methods). And we really love that it has a warranty in case we (being the rather destructive klutzes that we are) hurt the beautiful thing. The shop is having a summer sale, so check out their discounted items!!

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