Beautifully Sinister Rings

Positively creepy... but eerily beautiful. BloodMilk's gorgeous rings (and other bling) are made from cast body parts of small animals (like owls and bats). The ring above features a sterling silver setting cast from a sparrow's claw.  The Sparrow Claw Ring Single ($120) by BloodMilk is finely constructed with just enough imperfection to compliment the interestingness of the animalistic feature, just like the two other rings below. The Conjoined Eagle Talon Ring ($235, left) and the 1000 Profound Virtues Hummingbird Skull Ring ($115, right) employ similar stunningly sinister aesthetics.


PS - Check out the great necklace too!

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  1. Looove Bloodmilk !!! and i love your blog! I would love if you checked out my jewellery :)

    x Charlotte


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