Three Natural-Inspired Things Done Right: Etsy Spotlight on RejoiceTheHands

Kachina Gypsy - Brass Breastplate Necklace

Rejoice The Hands is an amazing shop, housed on Etsy. They do (at least) three things so incredibly right. Breastplates, pendant necklaces, and using animal horn/hide/antler/etc. Their prices are mostly on-the-money, so to speak, with the materials and labor - if not a tad underpriced. But we like it that way. All the pieces are inspired by nature, particularly wildlife. Most are juxtaposed expertly with the manmade, resulting in stunning jewels we would love to display on our walls so we could look at them every day. Plus, they're all one-of-a-kind and shipping is under $5 worldwide.
See the thing about the breastplates is that they're difficult to make without looking cheesy or cheap or some other ch- word. They have the most regal and elegant connotations of tribal peoples, especially when they feature animal parts, but we try (in the Westernized world) to make them from manmade materials at extremely low costs. We cheapen the beauty. So when we at Bling of the Day see someone making them the right way, we can't help but swoon. The Kachina Gypsy Brass Breastplate Necklace ($47) is made from vintage brass beads, matte glass beads, and white turquoise spikes and hangs from a 26 inch brass chain. They'll adjust the necklace length shorter for free and this one's part of the shop's newest collection, Crow Mother.

Turquoise Steer Skull - Men's Necklace

Pendant necklaces can look very boring if not done well. The chain has to be at least 20 inches, preferably longer. The pendant has to hang 'drapily' (we made that word up) so it will swing if you bend over a little. And there has to be a ton of interest and texture in the pendant. The Turquoise Steer Skull Necklace ($37) reminds us of our college printmaking professor - completely. To a "t". It's like they met him and then made this necklace for him. He was in his forties, we think, and he wore jewelry a lot, but it was always silver and turquoise. His prints almost always involved cows or feathers, or both. He would drag us to the fair - to draw the cows. We even experimented with texture printing using his collection of feathers. His office was covered in cow paraphernalia. We could go on, but we're trying to learn to edit our over-eager brains. This piece features a vintage steer charm, and two small turquoise beads that hang with a silver feather from a 21 inch gunmetal chain. And, as always, they'll adjust the chain to make it shorter for free.

Broken - Antler Slice Bracelet

The Broken Antler Slice Bracelet ($25) is about as gorgeous and simple as it gets. And it's an amazing price. We might scoop it up before you get the chance, we're just waiting for payday. Hurry and you might beat us to it. The bracelet is 7 and a half inches long but can be adjusted (for free) both smaller and larger. We love the texture in the antler (which is why we showed you this picture instead of the whole bracelet) so much. Like all the real animal parts they use, these antlers were naturally shed and found by the artist. The piece is made of slice antler and brass chain.
Everything about Rejoice the Hands gently reminds us of the wild, the natural, and the animalistic. We can't wait for that check so we can score a couple pieces for our (huge) collection.
PS - We're itching to do a post on the FentonFallon collection for J. Crew, but most of the pictures won't open in the product pages! Go check it out for yourselves for now - it's awesome!!

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